About the NWILC

The Northwest Indiana Literacy Coalition is a means for individuals, organizations, businesses, and governmental agencies to connect with providers of basic skills services. The Coalition is an issue driven group. The Coalition is only involved with literacy and literacy related issues. We promote public awareness, cooperative partnerships, information sharing and referrals between literacy programs and communities.

Our organization is inclusive: Any individual or organization may become a member for a modest fee. Our members come from Lake, LaPorte and Porter Counties. Members are from diverse programs that serve diverse constituencies. Individuals representing adult education, volunteer-based programs and community-based programs serve on our Board of Directors.

Our website gives you information on volunteer groups who will work with you to improve your English, reading, and math skills. To help you find this information, we've organized the website as follows:

Programs highlights information on Family Literacy programs that educate parents and caregivers about the importance of reading aloud with children. HSE has information on the HSE (High School Equivalency) programs, testing requirements, and locations of test sites. Help with Reading provides information on how to get help with reading and describes the programs offered in your area of Northwest Indiana. Help Learning English includes information on how to get help learning English as a second language and describes the programs offered in your area of Northwest Indiana. Literacy Programs Near You provides contact information on service providers and volunteer programs. This information is organized by county, state, and national areas. Free adult basic education, HSE preparation, and English as a second language classes can be found throughout Northwest Indiana.

Events spotlights two of our biggest events each year: The Executive Spelling Bee and Time Out for Reading. You can also access our calendar here.

Members gives information on our affiliates, how to contribute, and how to volunteer your time. You can also contact us using the form here.

Contact contains a form for contacting the coalition as well as our mailing address.

History is a collection of articles outlining the NWILC's accomplishments and past.

Mission tells the story of the old man and the starfish and explains the Coalition's philosophy.

Membership in the Northwest Indiana Literacy Coalition


The NWILC is a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization.


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Roger & Kristen Kennedy - MI and their daughter - MN




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